About Us

The Table Stylist is a Mother & Daughter partnership based in The Surrey Hills. Elizabeth’s experience in events and PR, along with Lucy’s interior design background meant the pair have always shared a passion for imaginative and beautifully laid tables.

Being close to nature and going on long walks has always been a large part of their weekends. Wherever they happened to be, Lucy would be found gathering twigs, pine cones and shells to decorate the table for Sunday lunch– with mum being left holding the spoils alongside the dog.  

The partnership combines different generations but shares the belief that table styling is all about creating the right mood - it is about your wonderful guests, a beautiful table and the love that goes into the cooking - Something to delight the soul.

An interest in wellbeing and the beauty that can be found in nature led to the idea of using natural materials to create a mindful table experience that can be enjoyed by all.